Sunday, January 3, 2010

Neil Patrick Harris' Twitter war. This new millenium is really quite interesting

Remember I mentioned Neil Patrick Harris asking his followers to vote for him online as the Man of the Decade at  Well, John Barrowman in the UK did the same thing (he's in the contest too).  And now famous followers are asking their followers (which include MORE famous followers with MORE followers, and so on and so on) to do likewise and it's becoming a Twitter battle!!!  Of course, a fun one, but I'll be interested to see how many votes are cast.  I did vote for Neil by the way, like I said I probably would. If you want to follow the fun try

FYI - Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog ROCKS!  But that's an aside.  The main point I wanted to make was how cool the internet can be when suddenly 2 people create a 2,000,000 people thing.  It's just for fun and laughs, but think what could be accomplished!  If instead of voting for 'Gay Celebrity of the Decade' we could actually raise money or start a movement for something essential, we could sincerely change our world.

I wish somehow we could combine the Internet age with the sixties sense of social change and really make the teens decade the one we look back on as THE ONE that changed the world.  In the sixties they really made a difference but they had no way of globally connecting voices.  Now we do, but we don't seem to have the naive belief in change anymore.

Let's be naive again!  Let's start reaching out and communicating in our new medium for more than what we're doing right now.  Let's, as a matter of course, raise questions, make suggestions for a better world, look for wrongs and ways to make 'em right.  Peace Love and Charity.  I don't think we're too old to give up on those childish dreams.  I think, rather, we're finally old enough to take those silly dreams and make 'em come true!

As an example, this site is the website for Food For The Poor
By mentioning it in a blog, hopefully someone will click on it, donate, mention it somewhere else online and so on.  They spend less than 4% on admin and the rest on the actual programs to help the disadvantaged in Latin America and the Caribbean.  They are a perfect example of how the web can make a HUGE difference.

I'm not saying that you need to visit the site OR donate, but why can't we as a routine, include chances for great change in our day to day use of the web?  That's where it's power lies you know.  Not in you, not in me, but in this exponential us that's been created.

If I sound crazily excited it's because I am!  You have, thanks to the internet, the possibility to change the world.  Yes, it's only a possibility, but that changes to probability if you keep trying.  Try it.  Think of something important like Food For The Poor and remember to include it when you're talking to the globe.  Ya just never know where your thoughts will travel.  We all might just be able to take back the future that the Eighties and Nineties made us think we'd lost.   Happy thinking and happy networking!

PS:  Don't forget to vote for Neil :-) (What?!?! We can't have fun AND change the world?)

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