Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Uncultured Project and Neil Patrick Harris' blind date

Remember I waxed poetic about how the internet can now allow us to change the world?  Go to The Uncultured Project and see it in action.  If you're on twitter, he's uncultured - let me rephrase that, he goes by the name uncultured :P  I highly recommend following him.  There's also I cannot stress how beautiful it is to see that one person can inspire thousands of voices, thousands of hearts and direct them to places that need help.

So here's what I am attempting to do (believe me, I know, it's small and lame and may not work - but that should never stop anyone from at least trying!), although I've donated to the Uncultured Project, I also twittered Neil Patrick Harris about it.  You put an @ symbol in front of their name and they can see it on a list of tweets that mention them.  Simple, no?

Why?  Well, look how enthused his followers were when he made a small request.  If he were to follow Shawn, the young man who took this journey (Ummm, you HAVE checked out his site by now, haven't you?!?!) with his 210,000 followers seeing it being followed, or maybe make another low key suggestion that they simply look at his website or consider following him (Shawn has 260,000 followers by the way, so he's doing pretty good without my help :-)) he could DOUBLE the awareness of this awesome guy and his awesome project.  The Power of Neil!!! (Must be nice).

Now, I understand that Neil probably gets 100,000 mentions daily and may never see mine through the clutter, but why should that stop my giving it a try?  I've never met Neil, I've never met Shawn, but that makes it even cooler if, via the internet - our new global coffee shop - I could facilitate a great synergy between two very cool folks I've never met!

I also like the idea that there's nothing in it for me!  Look at me ma, I'm selfless!! FINALLY!

Anyway, don't know if it will work, but I love that I can try (couldn't have said that 10 years ago).  So cross your fingers and let's see if my theory about the internet being an 'exponential us' pans out!!


  1. Sounds like a great cause. I was first made aware of the drinking water issues by Sheryl Crow on David Letterman a few weeks ago. She talked about women with AIDS who have infants. Their choice is to either give their babies AIDS infected milk or polluted drinking water. Simply not a choice that any Mother should have to make.

  2. And with the sheer power of the internet these days, it takes very little to start the momentum going that can make serious changes to unbelievable situations like that.