Friday, January 1, 2010

No New Year's Resolutions for me... at least no new ones.

Well it's day one of 2010.  Do I have resolutions?  No.  Will I?  No.  Do I have hopes?  Yup.  I hope to quit smoking - the money I'll save is mind boggling.  But addictions are hard things to break permanently.  I've decided to give myself some incentive by joining a contest with  Wish me luck.  I've gotta admit, though, it's a little creepy in that if your name is drawn you have to be 'tested' to make sure you didn't sneak a smoke.  How many contests (outside sports and Urine Clubs) require you to pee to collect your prize?  Considering how insultingly smokers are treated these days by the self-righteous law-makers out there it's rather mild really.
I have to admit, I think the non-smoking bandwagon is truly offensive but that doesn't mean I like being addicted to anything.  I truly do want to quit for good.  I just pray I'm not one of those 'Yuk!  You smoke?' people if I succeed.  The odds are against me though, because it's always the reformed smoker who's the rudest.  If, and that's a big IF, I am successful, I'm going to re-read this post to hopefully remind me to keep my big mouth shut when I see a smoker.

So, I have two resolutions after saying I had none.  To TRY and break an addiction and to TRY not to be self-righteous if I'm lucky enough to do it.  Pray for me children, I'm embarking on a journey through the bowels of hell and I ain't likin' it - no sir.

Actually I've got another resolution.  To win a huge lottery this year.  It's time to hunker down and get serious about that one.  Really, how hard can it be?  I might even aim for 2.

I've been following people on Twitter.  I finally decided in December to give it a whirl.  Although I'm not that good at it yet, I've discovered something surprising.  Celebrities are every bit as annoying, plain, dull, and only occasionally interesting as the rest of us.
I know, I know, why shouldn't they be?  They're only human.  I don't think they SHOULD be brilliant 24/7, I'm just amazed to find out that I expected them to be.  It's nice to know they're only richer and perhaps more talented than me, but otherwise they're just as dull.  Bless you famous folks for making me feel better (except for the 'richer than me' part)

Here's a list of 'famies' I'm following and my opinion of their tweets:

Brent Spiner (actor):  Wow, major negativity.  He spent the last few days arguing with followers regarding how many people will be happy for 2010.  Seriously.  Suffice to say, he thinks very few.  Ever watch House?  That's Brent Spiner on Twitter.  Don't get me wrong, he's being funny and probably cool to know, but sometimes humor loses something in the upload and comes across as simply snotty. Hey, it happens to me all the time - you losers!

Kirstie Ally (actress):  The woman is perky.  No, make that MEGA PERKY.  She must issue a new tweet (that's a twitter message) every 4 minutes.  I don't know how she's battling a weight issue (but I wish her success!) because I've lost 15 pounds just keeping up with her tweets.  She's certainly entrepreneurial cause she's started Phitter - a Twitter-esque site for people trying to get, well, phit.  I like her, but she really needs to avoid caffeine.  Seriously Kirstie, perky is painful after awhile - at least to the ones being perked at.

William Shatner (actor):  'My Best, Bill' is at the end of every 140 character Tweet.  No one understands the subtlety of plasticization like Mr. Shatner.  Probably politic to do that, but my God, there is simply no sincerity in the 346th 'My Best, Bill".

Neil Patrick Harris (actor, secret crush):  How could I not follow him?  He's the Neil!  Anyway, he's just a normal guy who's Tweets are non-controversial, sometimes funny, sometimes self-serving (he tweeted for Sushi restaurant suggestions once, and another time asked for his followers to, if they felt like it, vote for him at some Top Ten Gay Celebrities contest sitey.)  I like that he's slightly tacky at times - there's no 'All My Best' coming from him, just good old fashioned honesty.  I may even vote for him. for that reason alone :-)

Wil Wheaton (actor, writer, comedian):  If there is any celebrity out there who is more like the majority of my friends, I don't know who it is.  This guy is goofy, dull, nerdy, madly in love with his wife and family, and really does tell us what he's doing right now, whether it's what he's writing, what he's reading, how pissed off he is at someone's rudeness, etc. (in fact he twittered just recently about an annoying saleman at his door).  You can't not like someone that real and open.  I admit, I only followed him cause I'm a bit of a Trekkie but I'm glad I did cause he turned out to be cool as Wil and who cares about Wesley? No offense to the actor of course.

Danny Masterson (actor):  I'll be damned.  He wasn't acting on That 70's Show.  That's him.  Just check his tweets if you don't believe me.

Corey Stratton (legend):  Don't know him?  Are you CRAZY?!?!  He's only the most talked about Karaoke/Wii performer out there!  He's the new buzz word in 2010.  His tweets are vicious, malodorous, dramatic, scathing and a whole bunch of other words I rarely use.  Too bad about getting kicked off Celebrity Sex Rehab, but hey, he had it coming.

Anyway, I stopped adding celebrities cause I figured the bunch I got right now aren't following me, so why bother adding any more? :-)  It's a great grouping though.  They're just people.  Good, Bad and Ugly.

My Best, Darren!

Postscript:  Twitter is really fun and less cluttered than Facebook (though I'm on that too), and if you haven't tried it... do.  It's amazing the new slang you'll pick up, like tweet, retweet, trends and of course, William Shatner (Seriously, HOW do you not love that man? HOW?!?!)

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