Friday, January 22, 2010

Movies I NEVER want to see but KNOW will be made

Three's Company II - Life Is A Ball Again

I'm Gonna Whoo! You Know What? Yeaaaah! - The Paula Abdul Story

Star Wars X - Return Of The Merchandise

Pretty Woman II - Back At 'Er

Twilight - Daylight Savings Begins

Harry Potter And The Fifty Year Old Teen Actor

Disney's The Little Bunion

To Do: The List

Titanic II - The Ice Berg's Story

The Mummy IV - Daddy's Turn

Mel Gibson's Passion Of The Christ II:  Jesus This Is Good Vodka

James Cameron's Xanadu (Director's Cut)

Big Breasts, Freaky Name:  The Jennifer Love Hewitt Story


  1. I thought Mel Gibson's POTC sequel would be The Jews Did It.

  2. Awwww dammit! Way to give away the ending! Of course, the twist is that Bruce Willis has NO IDEA they're Jews.