Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Postdictions - Predicting the Past with Uncanny Ackuracy

Some time in the late 60's a beautiful starlet will become a star. I can't quite make her out but she's got big breasts. OMG! I'm seeing the same thing for the 70's, 80's and 90's!

Queen Victoria is going to pass away. It will shock the nation who thought she'd been dead already for at least 40 years.

A new dance craze will sweep the USA. WAIT! There's more! I see tap shoes and a man associated with stairs, maybe it's his name. YES! YES! I see it, watch for someone named Fred Stepperton.

This next one is very murky. I see President Kennedy. I see his head. It's moving back and forth. Now I see a hole. It's frightening, I can only see darkness, what looks like a grassy knole, and... Oh My God!!!! The President of the United States will have like a MILLION affairs! Total Perv!

Hold on! I'm getting the letter P. Now an I. That one looks like a G. I'm not sure but my vision tells me that several different women will find success as a singer named Madonna.

I'm not sure what I'm seeing here. I appear to be under water. There's some sort of black tarry like substance spewing out into the frigid depths.  It's massive!  It's filthy. It's a hit sitcom starring someone named Roseanne.

What's this? I see a baby. It's surrounded by men bearing gifts. They bring to this baby all the wealth of the world. Yes, I see it clearly now. The Hilton's have a baby girl! I can't see her future, but I'm sure she'll be a Godsend.

I see a ragged woman. She has no wealth or status.  She's holding a child. She's helping the poor. The homeless. The hungry. But that's not the important thing. No. She's standing beside Princess Diana!!!! OMG! She is sooooo pretty! Diana!! Over here!!! Diana!! AAAIEEEE!!! She looked!! She looked!!

America witnesses perhaps the greatest tragedy ever perpetrated on it's home soil. It's monstrous, unimaginable. All I see are the vacant stares of the hundreds of people exiting Kevin Costner's 'Waterworld'. No! I can't go on!

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