Saturday, February 18, 2012

Live Tweets From A Funeral - Ironic, No?

You know, The Reverend Al Sharpton live tweeting from Whitney Houston's funeral isn't as crass as some people (and by 'some', I mean all) may think. I did it myself, during Elvis' funeral - of course, back then, only a few select people were aware of Twitter (John Wayne, Me, the Rat Pack, and Streisand)  - and I think it was cathartic.

I'd like to share those tweets with you all now, because I think they're as relevant today as they were the day 'E' (I called him 'E', we were close - Wellll, not 'F' close, just 'E' close) died. I hope they are as healing for your hearts as they were for the fourteen of us on Twitter back then. Please remember, this was us at a raw time, there's no editing for viewers. Just real. Damned real.

@bcdarr: Am I the only one who thinks Priscilla's lips could use some plumping? The music's nice though.

RT @ShirleyMacLaine: "These pews are killing my ass!" ~ Ha Ha! Bitch!

@bcdarr: I hear Michael Jackson's got a new movie coming out. 'The Wiz'. Why doesn't he just quit while he's ahead? His time has come and gone, now it's just getting embarrassing. Hey, @Sinatra! Can I get a what what?!

@Sinatra: @bcdarr - You are one far out cat. Was that even English?

 RT @SDavisJr: Sha Boing Boing Boing!

@bcdarr: How long is this thing?

RT @DonRickles: "Quit playing with it!" ~ see my reply to @ShirleyMacLaine... bitch.

@bcdarr: I'm just guessing, but counting his entire entourage I think there's just over an acre of sideburns here.

RT @JoeyBishop: "Who's up for going to Star Wars again? Man, that show was outta sight!" ~ I'm in!

@bcdarr: Was offered the lead in a show called 'Dallas' that's airing next year, but it's about this bad guy in the oil business, so I turned it down. (Shoot me now!) They've given it to the guy from "I Dream Of Jeanie" instead, no lie! I'm laughing out loud over that (wish there was a more efficient way to write that).

RT @FarrahFawcett: "When is Rex Humbard going to shut up? It's enough to make me use Coke, and you know how against THAT I am. (Rolling On Floor Laughing)" - Ha Ha. You bad.

@bcdarr: A little off topic, but that Jimmy Carter is going to be a 2 termer. Mark my words!

RT @Sinatra: "Fuck Scorsese!" - It was FIVE years ago, boss, let it go. You need a pill that chills you out. A chill pill, so to speak. Hey! That's kinda catchy!

@bcdarr: Anyone else think Ann Margaret looks old?

RT @DonRickles: "Is the orgy still on at MacLaine's?" - Not if you're getting naked! (You can't tell, but I'm Laughing My Ass Off)

Well, it kinda got dirty from there, so I'll stop here, but I hope it helped heal the wounds of today, you know, for those of you who are wounded.

I'd forgotten how innocent everything was back then. Did you know that we were all FavStar Board Leaders then? Good times. I remember Sammy telling me after the funeral that he wished he had a book with all of our faces in it. The man was a prophet, I tell you. A prophet. (except he was going to call it Book of Faces and put it to music, but still....)

We all went our separate ways after that and truthfully I never saw any of them again. I assume they're all doing well, especially Frank, but who knows? Anyhoo, I have to run, I'm scheduled to give a CNN interview defending Al Sharpton's CNN interview, and we're having trouble getting my entire entourage into the studios (something about a 'guest limit'). I leave you with Elvis' last words to me, 'Toodles' (which would be soooo much cooler if that had been a title of one of his songs. But it wasn't, he was just really gay at the end.)

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