Monday, July 18, 2011

Boy Oh Boyhood Memories...

When I was a kid, a classmate, Billy Gates, & I both saw our teacher's brand new electric typewriter for the very first time. Almost in unison we said, 'Imagine what you could do with this if...'
We looked at each other and laughed, but we each knew we would have a major project, one that consumed our every waking moment, for that coming summer.
I don't know what his turned out to be, because he moved away, but by summer's end mine, with it's feathers, sequins & ribbons, was gorgeous!

"Nelson did it! Nelson did it!" Those words STILL haunt me. I was the one who had actually done it, but I was too afraid of my mother's wrath if the police talked to her. So, I blamed my shocked friend. He was older and I figured he could handle it better than me. And so it was he who was put in the back of that cop car while I rode off on my bike, my head bowed in shame.
We lost touch after that, so I don't know whether or not he caught hell from his mom, Mrs. Mandela.

Who ever forgets their first kiss? For me it seems like a lifetime ago, but the memory of it is still so vivid in my mind. I was just a wild eyed, mop haired boy with scabby knees and he was just a newly elected Pope, but that weekend we were more. Much more.

My mom once told me that air conditioners could cause Lou Gehrig's disease. I know that's crazy now, but I remember one summer years ago when my buddy Steve came to stay. He was one of those smart kids your mom always compares you too, 'Why can't you study more, like your friend Steve?' 'I'll bet Steve never talks back to his mother,' etc. She damned near drove me up the wall that visit and I determined to get even with him by keeping our air conditioner on the ENTIRE summer to give him the disease! Ha ha! We damned near
Wonder whatever happened to good old Hawking?

We didn't mean to kill him. It was an accident. We knew we shouldn't have been playing with her Dad's gun, but at that age you don't understand consequences.
He was a hobo and we figured no one would miss him if we just buried the body. I don't know why, maybe the adrenalin rush overwhelmed us, but we ended up making wild, passionate love, like animals, right after the gruesome deed.
I know I've never said anything about it before today, but I've always wondered if Queen Elizabeth II was able to keep her big mouth shut.

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