Saturday, April 9, 2011

Global Wealth... or is that Global poverty?

I did a little Saturday morning figuring and let's just say it's ruined my mood. Do you have any idea how poor you are? And how you got that way? I think the following calculations make for some sober thinking. Keep in mind, I"m ballparking everything, but the numbers are pretty close to the mark (check it out yourself by doing a little research). It's mind boggling and, quite frankly, a sign that evil DOES exist in this world. It's called greed.

These are the present numbers for global wealth (approx):

200,000,000,000,000 dollars. That's 200 Trillion estimated total wealth to be distributed in the world.

7,000,000,000 people. 7 Billion people SHOULD be able to enjoy 200 Trillion, no?

But these numbers are so HUGE it's tough to really see the whole picture.

So, let's reduce it accurately to something we can wrap our minds around by dividing everything by 1 billion:
7 people.
Nice and simple.

200,000 dollars is divided between 7 people in the following manner:

How it IS (based on 2010 global wealth calculations by world population):
6 people have less than $10.00 each (but let's be generous and say an even 10):

                                                              =               $60.00 (92% of pop)
1 person has $199,940.00                      =      $199,940.00 (Millionaires & Billionaires are about 8% of pop, so frighteningly, this number is probably HIGHER)

Yes, those numbers are relatively accurate. The top 2% of the world's population control 50% of the wealth, so I assure you the next 6% take the rest. Aint life grand? Now remind me WHY 92% of us are asked to donate to disaster relief by the 8% who could actually make a difference, but don't?

How it SHOULD be:
7 people have $28,571.43 EACH!

Why it won't be:
That one person, that one greedy, selfish son of a bitch, is AMAZING at convincing us other 6 that if we try REALLY hard, we too can earn the 199,940.00 he's got (as if somehow he'll let it go, OR we'll invent more money). And WE BELIEVE HIM! (btw 'HIM' means the richies out there)

Until we, the other 6, wise up we will ALWAYS be poor. They don't have a right to that money. They used it to pass laws that help them keep it. Stop buying iPads and iPhones and other distractions and start DEMANDING that the rich pay taxes that are fair and that prices be lowered on EVERY product out there so that they aren't stealing what's left of our $60.00 anymore.

FYI These rich assholes are NOT creating jobs, they're creating slaves. BIG difference.

Man, after this eye opener, I need a coffee... that the guy who picked the beans made 1 cent on and the assholes who do nothing, made 8.00 on. I see I'm STILL part of the problem, and so it goes...


  1. Great blog!! This has always made me sick to my stomach. I think the beginning of the end was when they gave more and more power to corporations. Now those corporations have more power collectively than the president of the United States. Watching some of the documentaries out there (The Corporation, Sicko, Capitalism: A Love Story, Inside Job) was a real eye opener for me. Unfortunately I don't think there is a solution.

  2. I know, it's depressing. Rich people probably own the Tea Bag movement and therefore own the public discourse, which will NEVER be about how wrong it is that there are billionaires in the world.
    But thank you for your RT and support my fellow pauper, luv ya!