Sunday, December 27, 2009

Do something worthwhile, blog... decisions, decisions

I can't be the only one who, year after year, thinks this is the year the Queen of England's bosom is finally going to touch her knees.  Wait, my therapist assures me I can.  Never mind.

Do you suppose snakes ever look at spiders and think, "EIGHT legs!?!?  UnFUCKINGbelievable!! Thanks for the fairness God!"

Timothy DeWitt, PHD MBA, Svetlana DeWitt, LLD, BA, Fred DeWitt, CFO Save The Children Foundation.  Let's just say Joyce doesn't get too uppity at Thanksgiving.

Why do we remember Rudyard Kipling by his full name?  Seriously, would we really ever say 'I'm sorry, you've lost me.  Which Rudyard do you mean?'

How come we always tsk tsk old women who die and had over 200 cats but no one EVER says a word about a dead farmer who had over 200 cows?!?! Hypocrites!!

Worst financial move ever? Brian Dunkleman bowing out after the first year of American Idol.  Owtch!  I'll give him this, though, he's always very focussed and polite at the Walmart entrance.

Big thanks to Madonna for showing us that sexy, outrageous and 20 turns out to be unpleasant and disturbing without the 20.

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